ARRE – Augmented Reality Real Estate Toolset

Augmented Reality Application

What we did

Eolian developed and maintains the software behind the Augmented Reality Real Estate (ARRE) Platform . The ARRE Platform allows Real Estate Developers, Brokers, and Architects collaborating on large commercial properties to use Augmented Reality to visualize and showcase real estate assets using head mounted displays. ARRE includes the hardware, software, setup, support, storage, and ongoing rendering services you need to start using AR to accelerate sales and development within 48 hours of signing up. The ARRE Platform makes the entire process as simple as uploading a file and putting on a pair of glasses.

About Project

The ARRE Platform was released in November 2017 in the United States. Eolian performs bi-weekly updates to the software and continues to expand the capabilities of the software aspects of the platform. The main differentiating capabilities of the ARRE platform draw from Eolian’s expertise with user experience design, multi-platform development and device agnostic mentality. The Software works on Windows 10 operating systems. The software can be used on a Tablet, an AR Device such as the Microsoft Hololens, or a VR/Mixed Reality device such as the HP Head Mounted Display. Users can experience the virtual properties on these devices alone, as well as simultaneously through an interactive experience with their peers.

Project Details