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The Augmented Reality Team Awareness Kit (ARTAK) is a mixed reality multi-domain joint planning and command & control (“C2”) platform. ARTAK synchronizes planning and C2 activities across echelons, domains, and warfighting functions by bringing command and staff together into a single digital decision environment, where they can create, ingest, and view near real-time 3D maps and sensor data while planning and commanding missions. ARTAK software is device agnostic, allowing it to run across the full spectrum of virtualization hardware, including AR, VR, Tablet, Phone, Laptop, and PC devices.

Enhanced C2, Mission Planning, & Situational Awareness at the Edge

ARTAK MK 1 kits

ARTAK’s cross-functional synchronization allows planning at a faster pace and gives commanders an unprecedented level of visibility into their operations, enabling them to anticipate and respond more effectively to changing operational conditions. Deployed in ruggedized cases sealed against moisture and shock, ARTAK kits contain all necessary software, as well as a built-in networking device, an edge-server, a charging-harness, and a re-chargeable battery system that enables ARTAK to operate at full capacity without external power.

ARTAK replaces rock drills and sand tables as the primary tool for visualizing an area of operations in 3D. ARTAK force-multiplies 2D mission planning and rehearsal tools, such as ATAK, by displaying the data from these tools in an interactive 3D environment. Additionally, users do not have to be co-located to simultaneously view the exact digital twin and visualize changes being made to a mission plan in real-time.

Customized kit configurations available