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We recently launched ARTAK Mark 1 for users within the Department of Defense. ARTAK is designed to provide enhanced situational awareness and 3D mission planning capabilities for its users. ARTAK was prototyped under an Other Transaction (OT) Agreement between Eolian and USSOCOM. ARTAK leverages a patented method and system optimized for massive multiuser and edge-based augmented reality, virtual reality, as well as mobile devices.

Enhanced Situational Awareness &
Mission Planning at the Edge

ARTAK MK 1 kits

ARTAK provides a kit that allows the National Mission Force and Rapid Deployable Teams to move from receipt of mission to fusion of existing data onto a digital twin within minutes.

The Digital Twin is augmented with incoming data (e.g. ISR) providing an immersive visual planning capability that can be viewed by a geographically dispersed team.

Customized kit configurations available