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MAP MAKER is a software application that uses raw images, videos, or LiDAR to make 3D Maps. MAP MAKER maps are interoperable with ARTAK, ATAK, WinTAK, and other Government Systems, as well as free non-proprietary 3D viewers like Meshlab.

MAP MAKER’s speed and quality are unmatched. MAP MAKER makes high-quality maps in minutes. Machine learning and next-gen surface reconstruction algorithms make this possible.

Enhanced Situational Awareness &
Mission Planning at the Edge

Map Maker Kits

MAP MAKER is different. It is entirely automated, works without the internet and uses non-proprietary file-formats. This means you can make maps anywhere in the world with one click and view them on any device.

MAP MAKER KITS are purpose-built, pre-configured load-outs that include the Map Maker software and the hardware it runs on. Turn-key kits are also available with select collection devices such as drones or LiDAR Scanners.